5 Awesome Olympic Commercials

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The Olympics are a time for competition, sportsmanship, heroics, and ADVERTISING! During the 2012 London Olympics ,NBC made one BILLION in advertisement revenue. Huge companies pour hefty sums of money into creating these ads, so you can bet they’re going to be pretty amazing. Although all the ads are impressive, there are always a select few that really stand out. In honor of the Olympic games in Rio, we’ve rounded up the 5 best olympic ads of all time (in our humble opinion).

5. Go World – VISA

This is not your typical ad. You don’t see Olympians performing any great feats or overpowering their opponents. There are no special effects. The advertisement is simply a video of an Olympic athlete who gets injured and finishes last. The commercial is not that exciting, but it is heart-wrenching. Watching the Olympian limp across the finish line with one arm around his dad is ultimately more inspirational than any first place victory. And of course, Morgan Freeman, say no more.

4. Impossible is nothing – Adidas

Although this spot isn’t heartwarming in the way that a lot of our favorites are, it still grabs your attention and connects you with the Olympians who are competing. “Impossible is Nothing” makes fans feel like they are a part of the games–an essential part. As the athletes compete in their sports, the crowds of fans in the advertisement help them do so, making you feel like you’re not just watching the olympics but participating in it as well.

3. Olympic Spills – Bounty

This ad stands out because of its clever element of suspense. Throughout the commercial, you see kids practicing for various Olympic events, using the walls and furniture of their homes as a gym. Each child comes perilously close to causing an accident, whether spilling a glass of milk or knocking down a plate of spaghetti. These close calls leave you on the edge of your seat, while the kids’ obliviousness keeps you smiling and engaged.

2. Swimmer – Kellogs

This cereal commercial sends a simple but poignant message: the beginning matters just as much as the end. The focus on the wins and losses of Olympic events can make you lose sight of the remarkable journey that each athlete took in order to be at the Olympics. Kellogg’s ties this emphasis on the start of a journey to the most important part about starting your day: breakfast. Ultimately, this connection prompts you to see Kellogg’s cereal as THE great start that results in a great finish. It’s a commercial about cereal and not once do we actually see any cereal. And that’s just fine.

1. Thank You Mom – Procter & Gamble

This is probably one of the best ads in existence, never mind during the olympics. “Thank You Mom” does what a lot of advertisements try to do, but not many achieve: it grabs your attention and fills you with an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. It’s always impressive when an advertisement can elicit strong emotional feelings in just a few minutes. By telling the story of a mother tending to her child, “Thank You Mom” makes the Olympians instantly relatable; they’re not just athletes, they’re people, too.

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